Smith Curriculum theory and Practice

Smith- Curriculum Theory and Practice

1-My schooling is combined model of curriculum as product and also as process. The objectives are kept in mind by the teachers and then the process is developed to gain those objectives. In my opinion the classroom is not just for delivering lectures but also to engage student for interactive discussion.

2- Tyler model has some limitations. While it does provide foundation for basic curriculum design, it fails to recognise the valuable contribution that students can make to curriculum to guarantee that their learning is meaningful. Teachers also make essential modifications within their practice to accommodate for necessary demands and a prescriptive and scientific method may appear good in theory, yet it a practical sense its short comings become apparent. Furthermore, Tyler’s model fails to place value on the process and value of learning and instead stresses the attainment of knowledge and achievement of outcomes.

3-Tyler rationale was developed as model for achieving educational objectives. He emphasizes to observe the behaviour of the students and then design curriculum.The objectives developed using this model can focus the needs of the students. So basically it helps to build specific goals.

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