Kumashiro Common Sense

ECS 210

We read an article about a teacher named Kumashiro. He discusses the common sense in article,” The problem of common sense.” Common sense could be the approaches which are done repeatedly, unquestioned and are so much ingrained into practice as to be part of “common sense”. Kumashiro compares the system of teaching and practices of Nepal with his own practices in American school. Everyone has its own way of thinking and implementing the things. For example Kumashiro way of teaching called American way was a lot different from the Nepal way of teaching. What he thought to be a common sense to run the class and plan lessons in American way was incorrect according to Nepal way of teaching. Students found comfort in following those routine things.

It is important to pay attention to common sense, as every society has some norm which could be different to other. Kumashiro tried to teach class differently than convention way of Nepal but students were not accepting his approach of teaching due to norm set. Students turned the blind eye to approach of teacher just because it was not common practice there. Also common sense is not what should define the method of teaching but to observe and respect the different ideologies. It becomes important in the sense that one practice could be a matter of common sense to one culture or one school of thought but same time not for other school of thought.

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